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When it comes to tires wear and ride, shocks/struts are essential for the safety of your vehicle. They ensure increased comfort and the upkeep of your tires in contact with the ground. With worn shocks/struts, the braking distance may increase by nearly 3m at 50km/h. There are many signs of a worn damper: a clicking noise, faster tire wear, defective road handling, less efficient braking, etc. Their replacement is necessarily done in pairs. Checking the front and rear suspension parts at the same time as your shocks is always a good idea, which ensures the shock/struts and suspension springs operation, which is essential to maintain a proper ride height. Our technicians check the state of shocks/struts and such other parts to prescribe the optimum solution for your vehicle.


Having the proper tire is just one part of what makes for stable, safe driving.

Your vehicle’s shock and struts are equally important in assuring your vehicle gets a good grip on the road—with Edmonton’s potholes bumps, and winter roads we recommend bringing your vehicle in to Central Tire at least once a year for a free shock and struts inspection. We will also check sway bar links, springs and strut mounts all which help your vehicle have a safe and comfortable ride.

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