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A healthy battery is essential to ensure the start of your vehicle. During its use, batteries become deteriorated and must be replaced. Our team will check the state of your battery and suggest its replacement, if necessary. Our technicians remove your used battery and replace it with a new one exactly following the prerequisites of your vehicle and perform operation tests.


Central Tire knows about tires, but did you know we stock a large selection of top quality ACDelco batteries to fit most cars/light trucks and SUV’s.

Come in for a “FREE” battery check (Coupon required) before a dead battery leaves you stranded. Edmonton’s cold winters and hot summers are very hard on your vehicles battery.

Signs you may need a new battery or battery check

  • When your car’s sometimes hard to start
  • Before a road or business trip
  • When your battery hasn’t been replaced in four years or more

Call 780-424-8616 or bring your car down for a Battery, Alternator and Starter test.